Monday, December 5, 2011

Windham Announces Candidacy

For Immediate Release

Windham files for Re-match with Covey in Precinct 3 Commissioner's Race

The former Chairman of the Williamson County Democratic Party and former Democratic candidate announced today his filing for a place on the Republican ballot. Gregory Scott Windham, a proclaimed states-rights conservative, real estate broker and child advocate outlined a campaign to cap county debt and provide solid leadership in precinct 3. Mr. Windham filed for the position Monday with GOP Chairman Bill Fairbrother.

"In the year 2020, the percentage of the population over the ages of 65 is going to be greater, for the first time in history, than the population of people under the age of 15. And this is going to impact everything — from our health and human services, to how we deal with transportation, to our housing problems, to our workforce issues, to energy and the environment. The issues are clear; finances, roads, and jobs."

Windham says the current court has ballooned the county debt to over one billion dollars and that it will not be paid off anytime soon. "There was a time when conservative leaders believed we should invest in our children's future. Valerie Covey's policies have the children investing in us. Her sprawl initiatives have mortgaged our children's future for decades. We have the third highest debt service in the state. How do we have more debt than Dallas County? Travis County? Collin County? It's just failed leadership."

Windham is a lifelong central Texas resident and father of four young children. He lives with his wife Sara outside of Georgetown and operates real estate brokerages in Williamson and Tarrant counties.

"My experience in managing multi-million dollar property portfolios gives me ample experience working with municipalities and taxing authorities. Our debt is killing us. We spend considerably more each year on debt services than we do on law enforcement, jails, or indigent health care. I will work with all government entities to reduce and cap the debt now before we find ourselves bankrupted by this Court's spending spree."

Mr. Windham pledges to take no political donations from Political Action Committees. Individuals that donate can expect transparency and an open door policy.

"I will not be beholden to anyone for a campaign donation. If you want open, honest leadership then I appreciate your support."

Mr. Windham had been an outspoken critic of the Democratic party in the county, state, and national levels after being elected Chairman in 2010. He openly bashed the Texas Democratic party for parading their liberal agenda and ultimately resigned to endorse the Republican candidate for State Representative in District 52.

"The Democrats cannot win in Texas as long as they keep preaching gun control, abortion, and gay marriage. People want jobs, prosperity, and a government that will keep out of an individual's personal life. The Democrats convinced me that I am, indeed, a Conservative Republican," said Windham.

The Republican Primary will be held on the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo, March 6. "It's time we 'Remember the Alamo' and take Williamson County, Texas back from the special interest forces that have invaded our government."

God Bless You and God Bless Texas


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