Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lady Justice Blindfolded in Wilco

Themis, the Greek Goddess of Divine Justice, is often depicted carrying scales and a sword and wearing a blindfold. The blindfold is intended to be an allegorical representation of objectivity. Justice demands impartiality and should be handed out equally without regard to race, money, power, or influence. Lady Justice wears and has always worn a blindfold in Williamson County as she sits perched atop the historic courthouse in Georgetown's downtown square. But never before has that blindfold taken on such significant meaning.
Michael Morton sat 25 years in a Texas prison after being maliciously prosecuted by a District Attorney's office. Ken Anderson claims he doesn't remember. Facts and testimony suggested there was reasonable doubt that Morton had committed the murder. The defense team was never given access to evidence that likely would have exonerated Michael Morton. Had Mr. Morton been freed, there is a possibility that another murder may have never been committed.

Our current district attorney fought hard to keep a blood soaked bandanna from having DNA tests performed at the request of Michael Morton and his attorneys. Was he protecting his mentor, Ken Anderson from a horrible discovery? It certainly seems more than speculative to assume so, since he has failed to investigate or prosecute a commissioners Court that has been charged with corruption by the stalwart County Attorney Jana Duty.

Lady Justice in Williamson county has been blindfolded by a blood soaked bandanna and now we must ensure our local legal heroine, Jana Duty, has the support of a public that demands Themis swing her sword.

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Anonymous said...

I dont know how Bradley and Anderson sleep at night. Scary thought.... just how many others sit in jail as a result of Anderson-Bradley justice?