Monday, March 10, 2014

Madame of the Toll Road -- Covey's 29 Reasons for Highway 29 Toll Road

It's with sincere trepidation that I begin this entry.
"Be careful what toes you dance on," my wise old friend said when I got into this fight. I can tell you now that this election is much bigger than just a Commissioners Race in Williamson County.
The rats in this race are ravenous, uncivil engineers of profit and plunder. This is the no-bid capitol of Texas and our cohort contracts abound.
I am going to list a who's who' of Political Contributors to the campaign of my opponent, Valerie Covey. I withheld listing donors that are residents of Precinct3. Ms Covey has many fine Americans from precinct 3 that gave their money to someone they believed would hold up the values of the Republican Party. Ms Covey received almost $50000 from interests and individuals outside of Precinct 3. She did not receive half that number from within her own precinct. It will be up to them, primarily, to determine if Valerie should remain in control of our precincts input on the county budget and road bonds. Voters in the precinct will determine if her voting record represents the citizens of precinct 3 or the developers and road engineers that fund her campaign. They can buy lots of signs, but folks that live on Lake Travis can't vote here.
Friends, neighbors, and residents of precinct 3. This isn't meant to be smear politics. These records are public domain. The names don't always tell the whole story. Sometimes there are faces and impressions behind the name that must be explained further. A brief attempt at the background of the donor and the relevance of the donation will be attempted. These are in no particular order.

1) I'll fill in this blank later in the campaign.

2) Steve Kallman - $1700 Toll Road Engineer No Bid Contract recipient of CTRMA..Lives on Lake Travis.

3) Carter and Burgess PAC $750 TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR Engineers. Direct Connections to this PAC proves, without a doubt, that our commissioners are pro-TTC.

4) Bill Gunn III -- $1000 A director with TXDOT. Why would a state employee give so much money to a county candidate.? Stinks to high Heaven.

5) Chiang, Patel, Yerby -- $500 Trans Texas Corridor engineers that received a no-bid contract for millions to study and map the "possible" 29 Expansion, the Cross County Corridor. Big Donor of Rick Perry and toll road consultants.

6)Fullbright and Jaworski $750-- Houston Attorneys

7)Kenneth Graham HNTB Executive $1000--- HNTB engineers our road bond and is the LEAD CONSULTANT for the TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR !!!!
Lives up in Wisconsin.. North of Precinct 3.

8)Munsch, Hardt, Kopf, and Harr $750-- Dallas Attorneys Not quite so far north.

9)Allen Watson (Cobb Fendley and Associates) Toll Road Utility engineers that received a No Bid contract from CTRMA for almost half a million dollars.

10) Mike Weaver --$1040 CEO PRIME STRATEGIES INC, Darth Vader or The Emperor, I can't decide which. Our County Road Bond Manager and creator of the CTRMA. This unduly created Authority is the bed of all corruption. .Weaver was the architect.

11) Smith, Robertson, Elliot, and Glen $1000 Austin attorneys

12)Unnamed Local Engineer $2000 Road and civil Engineers. Georgetown Firm. Still, is it OK for commissioners to receive contributions from firms or people they will be considering for million dollar projects?

13)Keith Young and TCB PAC $1250 Toll Road and Trans-Texas Corridor Engineers support Toll Road Val. See her here cutting the ribbon on her first toll road.

14)Don Bourn -- $500 Arizona Mega Developer. Many holdings in Williamson County

17) Kerry Russell $250 Attorney retained by Williamson County Commissioners to do the County Attorney's jobs. Billing thousands to the county monthly.

18) Sheets and Crossfield -- $1000 The Attorneys from Round Rock that handle land acquisition, eminent domain, and condemnation. Toll Road attorneys. Involved in all county business.

20) Rex Bohls- $1000 Developer Deluxe Dove Meadows, Bohls Palce

21) Bob Wunsch $1000 Developer. Waterstone Development. La Frontera

22) James Dannenbaum $1500 Toll Road Trans Texas Corridor Consultant One of Rick Perry's Longtime friends and supporters. Lives in a mansion in Houston.

23)Halff Associates $1500 Trans Texas Corridor Consultants and Engineers These guys are from Dallas.

24) Home Builders Association of Austin -- $500 Home Builders need roads to create Urban Sprawl.

25)Bill Pohl --$1000 Land Owner, Developer. Pohl, Brown. Broker and retain considerable property portfolio in Williamson County.

26) HDR PAC $500 Trans Texas Corridor Consultants These folks hail from the Cornhusker State.

29) Greg Hall $1500 Georgetown Developer. Lives in Precinct 1. Smells.

There it is. In black, white, and GREEN.

Now, who do you think Incumbent Republican County Commissioner Valerie Covey represents? And let's not forget Lisa Birkman. Ms Birkman's war chest is dotted with many of the same names.

Why do so many Trans Texas Corridor consulting, engineering, and construction firms give thousands and thousands of dollars to your county commissioners?
Ask the question. Do these women work for us, the citizens of Williamson County? Or does Valerie Covey and Lisa Birkman represent the road engineers, builders, and consultants of the toll roads and the Trans Texas corridor.?
Ask the people along Highway 29 or the residents of Liberty Hill.
Ask yourself on November 4th.
Please Donate to this campaign. You can do it from the PAYPAL button on the right. Unless your a Trans Texas Trick, of course.
I have included videos concerning the Trans Texas Corridor. Watch them. We have to stand our ground now. Right now. If we fail, it will be too late.


Wilcowatcher said...

But wait, there's more...

#15, Tony Dale -- $200
He's a Wilco Republic precinct chair and has been for six years, and he was one of those named as a Board of Directors members for the so-called Williamson County Conservation Foundation, a sham front for shuffling money around for more roads and development under the guise of saving the salamanders. His self-declared profile can be found at

And #30, Bob Wunsch $1000 Developer. Waterstone Development. La Frontera?
Waterstone Development is the one in cahoots with the County for "improving" FM-1460 near Round Rock, forming a new road district where a referendum will be held in November to vote upon more road bond money and a "contribution" by Waterstone, fronting the money for some of the road development work. Only voters in that district will vote on this referendum affecting us all. Oh, how many voters in that district, you ask? Just one. See And make sure you watch the KXAN video for full effect. You want more? Wusch is the developer of La Frontera. Who declares himself as owner/manager of La Frontera? None other than Don Martin, half of the "Public Affairs" firm of Martin and Salinas, "selected" by the County through the recommendation of Mike Weaver (see Greg's notes on Weaver above) in a non-competed process whereby Martin and Salinas were awarded a $1M contract for PR work on the road bond debacle. If they're so good for us, do we really need to spend a million dollars of our own tax money to convince ourselves they're such a great idea???

C'mon folks. The information is all out there. What'll it take for you to smell the coffee. The crookedness HAS to change. Let's give Greg, Jaime, and Mike Grimes a shot - what we've been doing hasn't been working. At least not for the taxpaying citizen. It's been a great deal for the Commissioners and their developer buddies.

Dr. J said...

These videos are scary stuff. Wake Up Texas!

Dr. J said...

“The individual who was manifestly the choice of the majority of the people was not elevated to that distinguished situation for which his qualifications so preeminently fitted him, and to which the important services he had rendered to his country so richly entitled him. This is a subject of serious consideration for the citizens of the united states, and it will be for them to say, on some subsequent occasion, whether they will tamely yield those inestimable rights to the unhallowed dictation of politicians, who may choose to barter them for their own individual aggrandizement.” -Sam Houston 1828

Carl Wake said...

Good information. This is the sort of stuff that the good folks of Williamson need to know. While I have lived here for only 2 years, in that short period of time, I have learned that WillCo leadership lacks a fair system of checks and balances. I admire your grit in this contest! Expose the truth of who is really trying to make the decisions that the good folks of WillCo should be making with good representation

C Wake

Sal Costello said...

Great article! Keep up the great work!

Sal "The Muckraker" Costello